Arlene Thompson Brantley

Arlene Thompson Brantley
(214) 522-2778

Arlene is an expert luxury travel advisor and an Owner of Rudi Steele Travel, with experience managing hundreds of trips per year across the world. Her history started with planning group tours in Downtown Dallas and she slowly increased her expertise over 35 years to become successful both with clients and within her industry.

Arlene is fueled by her passion for building relationships with hotels and tour operators to provide unique and creative experiences that her clients crave. She is constantly looking for new destinations for her clients to explore and reveal new experiences to see well-trodden destinations in a different light. Through consistent travel and conversations, Arlene is eager to learn the history and culture of her destinations to bring them to life.

Her ability to go above and beyond for her clients has contributed to her success in increasing her client base through consistent word of mouth. Arleneā€™s unique abilities have also translated to her professional relationships and built a prominent standing within the luxury travel industry. She has served on numerous advisory boards including Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, Intercontinental Hotel Group, and the Virtuoso Hotels and Resorts Committee. Among her peers, she was nominated as Travel Advisor of the Year in 2017, a splendid accomplishment given the thousands of advisors within the network.

If asked, she would contribute her success to a dedication to her clients, a grateful relationship with her partners, and friendliness among her peers. Even as a veteran, Arlene looks forward to what the future brings in this exciting industry, and creating more wonderful travel memories.

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