Dalton Brantley

Dalton Brantley
(214) 306-8708

Dalton has explored over 40 countries to date. From a young age, Dalton was pushed onto planes and trains by globetrotting parents. They instilled a curiosity about the world that never ceased but only grew throughout his life. After high school, Dalton attended Franklin University in Lugano, Switzerland, combining undergraduate studies with adventures across Western Europe. Upon graduation, Dalton continued to explore through extensive stints in Sub-Saharan Africa and Colorado. For 3 years, he worked in Washington, D.C, with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and continued to travel to Sub-Saharan Africa. His favorite experiences include hiking table mountain in Cape Town, seeing the northern lights in Iceland, and scuba diving in Belize. Dalton is excited to share his passion and excitement for the world with Rudi Steele Travel.

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