Lauren Diebel

Lauren Diebel

My family instilled a love of travel from a young age. My favorite holidays are a blend of relaxation and inspiring culture. I grew up in Dallas, went to Southern Methodist University and studied abroad numerous times in England, France and New Mexico. I left Dallas for a short while to live in New York and I return multiple times a year to a home away from home! I have a family of my own now and I love seeing travel through their eyes. I'm passionate about helping my clients see the world in the best possible way! 

Prior to serving as a travel advisor, I worked as an international buyer in distribution with facilities located throughout the North American continent for 15 years. During this time, I continued to travel and plan trips with friends and family honing in on a natural love of travel, planning and organization. 

Places I Have Traveled: 

United Kingdom
British Virgin Islands
Turks And Caicos Islands
Antigua And Barbuda
New Zealand
United States - Hawaii

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