Loreal Shea

Loreal Shea
(214) 306-8711

I developed a love of travel and experiencing different cultures at a young age during my explorations across Western Europe. My passion continued during my studies at Wake Forest University, where I enrolled at the University of Cape Town, South Africa for a semester. Once I returned, I gained experience in travel consulting as a Study Abroad Peer Adviser at Wake’s Center of International Studies. This role is where l truly began to realize my desire to share with others the eye opening experience that travel can provide. My favorite memories from traveling include sitting at the very edge of Victoria’s Falls, Zambia, scuba diving with sea lions in the Galapagos Islands, and taking a leap of faith when paragliding in the Swiss Alps. I have been part of the Rudi Steele Travel team since 2013 & especially enjoy providing my clients with unique and memorable experiences across the globe.

Based in Austin, TX

Visited (so far) in 2017: Costa Rica, Italy

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